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Final Pitch: Bishop vs. Altschuler: Candidates make one last argument for Hauppauge’s support on Election Day.

Randy Altschuler:

“…I’ve created over 700 jobs in the United States, so I know how to create jobs. I’ve met and managed a budget. I’m raising a family – I have a son that’s 3 – so I can understand firsthand the challenges facing families right now.

Tim Bishop is not voting with the people of this district. He’s voting with his party. Hence his 97 percent voting rate with Nancy Pelosi. He has supported a slew of legislation that is not in the best interest of the district.”

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Randy Altschuler for Congress (NY-1) – SUFFOLK COUNTY LIBERTY REPORT Frank Seabrook

Randy Altschuler, conservative Republican candidate for the House of Representatives from New York State’s First Congressional District, is widely recognized as a successful entrepreneur who has started, operated and grown businesses. He has created hundreds of new jobs in New York and across the United States.

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