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Congressional Candidates, Face to Face

Randy Altschuler finished by stating he could document the 125 votes Mr. Bishop had made to raise taxes and said he stood for change in Washington, to help business, and keep money here rather than “pay for programs we can’t afford.” 

“If you want to continue the policies of the Obama and Pelosi administration — if you want Obamacare, cap and trade, car check and further bailouts then you should vote for Tim Bishop.” The loud applause and cheers of many in the room indicated that they planned to do that. 

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Randy Altschuler, the independent, self-made businessman and Republican/Conservative nominee for Congress (NY-1), was endorsed today by Chris Christie, the tax cutting and reform minded Republican Governor of New Jersey. Governor Christie was swept into office last November by a coalition of Republicans, Independents, conservative Democrats and members of the Tea Party who were tired of the high taxes and culture of corruption that has enveloped state government in New Jersey for many years.

Full Article: Chris Christie’s Endorsement of Randy Altschuler >

Randy is running against Tim Bishop who is coming under fire from his constituents for his votes on cap-and-trade, obamacare, and more.

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Randy Altschuler: I’m Not The Job Killer — Tim Bishop Is

Congressional hopeful Randy Altschuler is pushing back with a new ad that says he’s actually created U.S. jobs while his rival, incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop, has voted for taxes that kill jobs.

Learn How Randy Altschuler Created Jobs

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Another GOP stalwart succumbs to ‘Tea Party’ challenge, this time in N.Y.

Randy Altschuler defeated former president Richard Nixon’s grandson, Chris Cox, in a GOP free-for-all in a Long Island congressional district…Altschuler will face incumbent Democratic Rep. Timothy Bishop.

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Today In Near-Ground Zero Mosque News: Randy Altschuler Speaks Out

In Long Island’s NY-1, Republican Randy Altschuler poked at incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop, saying his response to the mosque proposal “can be summed up in one word; silence. Today, I call on him once again, to tell the voters of eastern Long Island where he stands on an important issue. Congressman Bishop, do you believe that the Cordoba Mosque and Islamic Center should be built yards from Ground Zero? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.”

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