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NY GOP Centrists Surge in the Polls

Randy Altschuler, a Republican businessman on Long Island, remains in a tight race against Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop. One campaign source tells FrumForum that an internal poll taken within the last week shows Altschuler within two points. Bishop’s campaign is desperately bringing in the big guns, reportedly asking Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden to campaign and fundraise in the dying weeks of the campaign.

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Tim Bishop coming under fire from constituents for cap-and-trade, obamacare, and taxes.


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Congressional Candidates, Face to Face

Randy Altschuler finished by stating he could document the 125 votes Mr. Bishop had made to raise taxes and said he stood for change in Washington, to help business, and keep money here rather than “pay for programs we can’t afford.” 

“If you want to continue the policies of the Obama and Pelosi administration — if you want Obamacare, cap and trade, car check and further bailouts then you should vote for Tim Bishop.” The loud applause and cheers of many in the room indicated that they planned to do that. 

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Randy Altschuler: I’m Not The Job Killer — Tim Bishop Is

Congressional hopeful Randy Altschuler is pushing back with a new ad that says he’s actually created U.S. jobs while his rival, incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop, has voted for taxes that kill jobs.

Learn How Randy Altschuler Created Jobs

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$13 Trillion and Counting: Our National Debt Grows and Tim Bishop Remains Silent

Randy Altschuler’s Blog: Our national debt hovers at a staggering $13 trillion and over the weekend President Obama asked Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress to authorize another $50 billion in new spending. If we care about our nation’s fiscal well being, the reckless and dangerous spending must end. We need a budget that reflects the tough economic times in which we live and in turn, sets us on the road to recovery by reining-in spending, cutting taxes and shrinking the deficit.

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Stop the Games – Move Federal Budget Forward

From Randy Altschuler’s Blog: Tim Bishop needs to stop playing the cynical games of a career politician and fulfill his moral responsibility to his constituents and the American people. It’s understandable that Tim Bishop would like to distance himself from the 2011 federal budget because it’s filled with earmarks, pork and waste; it will lead to higher taxes and a bigger deficit and when the American people catch wind of it will lead to defeat at the polls for those who support it.

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ALTSCHULER PREMIERS NEW 30 SECOND AD: “Change” Slams Bishop and Pelosi for Their Big-Spending, High-Taxing Agenda

Randy Altschuler for Congress, the campaign of the conservative Republican businessman (NY-01) today released a new, hard hitting, 30 second TV commercial titled “Change”. The spot, produced by Cold Harbor films, will premier later this week on cable systems throughout New York’s First Congressional District. Altschuler, the frontrunner in the GOP field to take on liberal incumbent Tim Bishop, has been running commercials non-stop since December 28, 2009. “Change” uses President Barack Obama’s own words to tee off an attack on the job killing, tax hiking agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Tim Bishop that has left taxpayers with a $12.9 trillion deficit.

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Dan Panico’s Victory Sent a Message

Via Randy Altschuler’s Blog:

Both Republicans and Conservatives joined together to sent a clear message to those who support the status quo and “business as usual”: the People have had enough of the high taxes, burdensome regulations and misplaced priorities which obstruct growth and economic stimulus in our towns.

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Conservative Party backs Altschuler

Randy Altschuler is the best candidate to defeat [Democrat Rep.] Tim Bishop and he has my endorsement to the Suffolk County Conservative Party Executive Committee in the First Congressional District,” Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Edward M. Walsh Jr. said in a statement. “His life experience, coupled with his business skill set, understanding of the issues and firm belief in conservative principles makes him uniquely qualified to be our standard bearer, and the man who will defeat Tim Bishop. Randy knows that cutting taxes and spending, and shrinking the deficit is the right thing for Suffolk County and the right thing for America.”

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Reelection tough after health vote

Randy Altschuler, a contender for the GOP nomination in New York’s 1st congressional district, which includes much of Suffolk County on Long Island, said he backs repealing the health care legislation and replacing it with a different type of reform because the “spending, tax increases, and heavy government intervention” outweigh its “marginal benefits.”

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