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Mitt Romney’s Empire State Endorsements

…the former Massachusetts governor — whose team was behind the headline-making win of Bay State Sen. Scott Brown  — is lending his name to (and opening his wallet) these NY Congressional hopefuls: Incumbent Reps. Pete King and Chris Lee, Randy Altschuler

“At a time when we need leaders who will enact pro-growth policies that will turn our troubled economy around and put people back to work, too many Washington politicians are instead focused on growing the size of government. New York – and our nation – deserves leaders who will put the interests of the people ahead of the special interests, and work to get our economy back on track. That is why I am proud to stand with these candidates today,” said Romney.

Randy is facing incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop (D) in November.

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Manhattan Mosque Fires Up Long Island Race

Three Republicans—businessman Randy Altschuler, Richard Nixon grandson Chris Cox  and former Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer George Demos—are all vying for the chance to challenge incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Tim Bishop.

…Mr. Altschuler, a millionaire businessman who is spending part of his personal fortune to run for Congress, calls the mosque plan “political correctness run amok” and an insult to those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

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Randy Altshuler calls out Tim Bishop on the Ground Zero Mosque

Randy Altschuler in NY-1 calls on Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) to “end the silence” on the mosque, say yes or no whether he agrees with Obama

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McLaughlin: The Only Republican Candidate Who Can Beat Tim Bishop is Randy Altschuler

McLaughlin suggests that if Randy Altschuler does not get the Republican nomination Christopher Cox or George Demos will not be able to unseat NY-01’s Rep Tim Bishop.

“If a candidate is to win in this district this year, then they must have the Conservative Party line. If another candidate gets the Republican line they will not be able to generate the support necessary to win in November without the Conservative endorsement.”

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Only a fusion GOPer can beat Bishop

The Conservative Party candidate locked in a GOP primary for Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop’s seat has an internal polling memo showing that only a fusion candidate with the “C” and “R” lines can win that right-tilting district in the fall.

The memo, obtained by POLITICO, was done by pollster John McLaughlin, who’s working with businessman Randy Altschuler, the Conservative line candidate for the seat in which the GOP chips are still falling.

The memo basically suggests that the other candidates in the GOP field, which includes Christopher Cox, the grandson of Richard Nixon and son of the New York state GOP chairman, and former SEC attorney George Demos, are spoilers.

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Randy Altschuler Claims $1.8M Cash On Hand in NY-1 Fight

It was the best fundraising quarter ever, says Randy Altschuler, the conservative Republican candidate who, along with Christopher Cox and George Demos, is vying for the chance to knock out incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop in Long Island’s NY-1.

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Why Does Bishop Fear Altschuler?

Rob Ryan, Senior Communications advisor to Randy Altschuler, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress (NY-1) today blasted four term liberal incumbent congressman Tim Bishop for trying to block Altschuler from attending the Oil Spill Summit in East Hampton. In a June 3, 2010 story in the East Hampton Star, reported that Congressman Tim Bishop personally called East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson to tell him that the invitation of Altschuler to the meeting “was not something he thought was appropriate.”

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Randy Altschuler Stands with the Club for Growth, Renews Pledge to Repeal Obamacare

Randy Altschuler’s Blog: The Club for Growth REPEAL IT! Pledge is a no-nonsense affirmation of my belief that the health care plan pushed through Congress by Tim Bishop, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama is bad for taxpayers and bad for America. This legislation will raise taxes and increase the deficit, while not improving health care for the average American. Real health care will come when we have Tort Reform, a lifting of state barriers on health insurance and a host of other free enterprise solutions. Any candidate for Congress, Republican or Democrat should sign this pledge if they sincerely believe in reforming the American health care system.

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Capital Tonight: Extras

A poll conducted for Randy Altschuler indicates only a fusion candidate (like him) with the R and C lines can beat Rep. Tim Bishop.

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Conservatives tap Altschuler for 1st CD

Suffolk Conservatives chose 81-2 Friday night in a weighted vote of their executive committee to nominate businessman Randy Altschuler — who on the GOP side is one of several competitors to run on the Republican line in November against veteran Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton).

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