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Final Pitch: Bishop vs. Altschuler: Candidates make one last argument for Hauppauge’s support on Election Day.

Randy Altschuler:

“…I’ve created over 700 jobs in the United States, so I know how to create jobs. I’ve met and managed a budget. I’m raising a family – I have a son that’s 3 – so I can understand firsthand the challenges facing families right now.

Tim Bishop is not voting with the people of this district. He’s voting with his party. Hence his 97 percent voting rate with Nancy Pelosi. He has supported a slew of legislation that is not in the best interest of the district.”

Read Randy’s full statement


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Higher Taxes, NY-1 Edition

GOP/Conservative congressional hopeful Randy Altschuler has a new TV ad out today … that hits a Democratic state senator for voting to raise taxes and fees 124 times.

Altschuler’s spot slams his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Bishop, for voting “125 times to raise taxes.”

Watch Randy Altschuler’s Video >

Learn more about Tim Bishop coming under fire from constituents for cap-and-trade, obamacare, and more. Randy Altschuler has signed the taxpayer protection pledge.

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2 groups’ ads boost Altschuler over Bishop

WASHINGTON – Two outside conservative advocacy groups have given Republican Randy Altschuler a definite edge over Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop in the ad war in the much-watched congressional race on Long Island’s East End.

Randy Altschuler gets Boost Over Bishop >

Tim Bishop has increasingly come under fire from his constituents for his positions on cap-and-trade and being a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi. This is in direct opposition to Randy Altschuler’s pledge to protect taxpayers.

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Representative Tim Bishop refuses to attend two non-partisan debates

Due to a scheduling conflict Randy Altschuler is unable to debate with Tim Bishop before the League of Women Voters October 21st.  Tim Bishop refuses point blank to debate Randy before the Southampton Citizens Forum, declaring they have an affiliation with the Tea Party.

James Boyed, organizing the Southampton Citizens Forum, denies being affiliated with the Tea Party Movement.

From the article’s title you’d never guess that it is Mr. Bishop who is the one who is avoiding speaking before the public.  Hmmm…media bias?

Bishop refuses to attend non-partisan debates – Read more >

Randy Altschuler’s views on Obamacare, Cap-and-Trade and more.



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Randy Altschuler Responds to Outsourcing Charges at Debate

Randy Altschuler was asked to respond to charges that he outsourced jobs overseas while at OfficeTiger, a charge made by Tim Bishop and by Republican opponents in the September primary.

“We did not outsource American jobs and move them overseas,” Mr. Altschuler said. “I’ve created over 700 jobs in the United States. We had an international business and we had customers and employees all around the world so we were a functioning company everywhere.”

But he said that high taxes and government regulations were responsible for driving companies overseas, and he questioned how many private sector jobs Mr. Bishop has created.

Read more about Randy Altschuler and outsourcing >

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Congressman Bishop, challenger Altschuler square off in Wading River debate

The first of many candidate forums featuring Congressman Tim Bishop and his Republican opponent Randy Altschuler to be held in the final weeks leading up to the the November 2 elections kicked off at Monday night’s meeting of the Eastern Long Island Executives at East Wind in Wading River.

Read more about Randy Altschuler’s debate >

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NY Post Endorses Randy Altschuler

Four-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop has been a virtual rubber-stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda, having voted for the $812 billion stimulus package, ObamaCare and cap-and-trade — a job-killing energy tax.

Randy Altschuler is an entrepreneur, having co-founded two successful companies — one providing recycling services for electronics and another offering business-support and employment services.

Read about the NY Post’s endorsement of Randy Altschuler >

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CNN 100: Toss Up in New York 01

Four-term Democratic congressman Rep. Tim Bishop has a hard fight on his hands, defending his Long Island-based district from a heavily-funded onslaught by GOP businessman Randy Altschuler.

Read more about Randy Altschuler’s race against Rep Tim Bishop >

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2010 New York 1st District Race: Republican Randy Altschuler Tasked with Defeating Democrat Tim Bishop

Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop is favored to win in New York’s 1st U.S. House race, as he has since 2002. He’s easily beat previous opponents. But this is a competitive district in terms of demographics, which puts it in the cross-hairs of Republicans seeking to whisk away as many Democratic-held districts as possible this year. Randy Altschuler is the Republican pick after the Sept. 14 primary, and he may pose a significant challenge to Bishop.

Read more about Randy Altschuler’s race for the senate >

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Altschuler Launches New Radio Ad: “Randy Altschuler will listen to us”

The campaign of Randy Altschuler, the Republican/Conservative nominee for Congress (NY-1), has launched a new radio ad called “Randy Altschuler will listen to us.”

Randy will be running against incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop.

Listen to Randy Altshuler’s new radio ad >

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