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ALTSCHULER PREMIERS NEW 30 SECOND AD: “Change” Slams Bishop and Pelosi for Their Big-Spending, High-Taxing Agenda

Randy Altschuler for Congress, the campaign of the conservative Republican businessman (NY-01) today released a new, hard hitting, 30 second TV commercial titled “Change”. The spot, produced by Cold Harbor films, will premier later this week on cable systems throughout New York’s First Congressional District. Altschuler, the frontrunner in the GOP field to take on liberal incumbent Tim Bishop, has been running commercials non-stop since December 28, 2009. “Change” uses President Barack Obama’s own words to tee off an attack on the job killing, tax hiking agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Tim Bishop that has left taxpayers with a $12.9 trillion deficit.

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Randy Altschuler’s Statement on October’s 26-Year-High Unemployment Figures

Randy Altschuler: “The current administration’s stimulus package failed because it was built on a faulty premise that the government could simply spend its way out of a recession. In fact the results of Tim Bishop’s and Nancy Pelosi’s policies have been the accumulation of massive debt that threatens our long term financial stability,” Altschuler added.

“It’s time that Bishop and Pelosi listen to Conservatives and Republicans in Congress and reduce taxes on the working men and women in New York’s First Congressional District and across America.

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RICHARD IVORY COMMENTARY: The Chutzpah: The Year Of The Jewish Republican?

Then there is Randy Altschuler, who is a young entrepreneur, running for a chance at New York’s first Congressional District. He is mounting an aggressive campaign against Democrat Tim Bishop. According to his website bio he received his B.A. with High Honors from Princeton University, and his MBA with Distinction from the Harvard Business School following study in Vienna, Austria as a Fulbright Scholar. His campaign has already raised close to one- million dollars. According to Hotline: Altschuler is a member of the Young Guns program.  He got in the race against Bishop early and is off to a fast fundraising start.

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