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Primary elections today

Polls are open for federal, state and several local primary elections Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Republicans vying to carry their party’s banner in the race for First Congressional District include Randy Altschuler, Chris Cox and George Demos.

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Conservative Party backs Altschuler

Randy Altschuler is the best candidate to defeat [Democrat Rep.] Tim Bishop and he has my endorsement to the Suffolk County Conservative Party Executive Committee in the First Congressional District,” Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Edward M. Walsh Jr. said in a statement. “His life experience, coupled with his business skill set, understanding of the issues and firm belief in conservative principles makes him uniquely qualified to be our standard bearer, and the man who will defeat Tim Bishop. Randy knows that cutting taxes and spending, and shrinking the deficit is the right thing for Suffolk County and the right thing for America.”

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The Suffolk County Republican – Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

The following oped from Randy Altschuler is running in weekly papers across the First Congressional District:

This year’s projected deficit is $1.55 trillion.  This unsustainable spending is only dwarfed by the size of ObamaCare.  Over the next decade, the true cost of this legislation could surpass $2.5 trillion.

Moreover, the projected deficit reduction the bill offers is an accounting charade.  Former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin estimates that an additional $562 billon will be tagged on to an already bloated deficit.

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Randy Altschuler for Congress (NY-1) – SUFFOLK COUNTY LIBERTY REPORT Frank Seabrook

Randy Altschuler, conservative Republican candidate for the House of Representatives from New York State’s First Congressional District, is widely recognized as a successful entrepreneur who has started, operated and grown businesses. He has created hundreds of new jobs in New York and across the United States.

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Brookhaven Councilwoman Jane Bonner Endorses Randy Altschuler for Congress

Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Jane Bonner announced today that she is endorsing Randy Altschuler for US Congress in New York’s First Congressional District.

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