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2010 New York 1st District Race: Republican Randy Altschuler Tasked with Defeating Democrat Tim Bishop

Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop is favored to win in New York’s 1st U.S. House race, as he has since 2002. He’s easily beat previous opponents. But this is a competitive district in terms of demographics, which puts it in the cross-hairs of Republicans seeking to whisk away as many Democratic-held districts as possible this year. Randy Altschuler is the Republican pick after the Sept. 14 primary, and he may pose a significant challenge to Bishop.

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Today In Near-Ground Zero Mosque News: Randy Altschuler Speaks Out

In Long Island’s NY-1, Republican Randy Altschuler poked at incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop, saying his response to the mosque proposal “can be summed up in one word; silence. Today, I call on him once again, to tell the voters of eastern Long Island where he stands on an important issue. Congressman Bishop, do you believe that the Cordoba Mosque and Islamic Center should be built yards from Ground Zero? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice.”

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A Few Challengers Raised Big Money in 2009 Against Incumbents

Incumbents nearly always have the cash advantage on Election Day, but according to a Center for Responsive Politics review of campaign finance records, challengers in at least six congressional districts are out-raising their incumbent opposition.

NY01, Randy Altschuler (R-N.Y.) Challenger $1,049,149 vs. Timothy Bishop (D-N.Y.),Incumbent $949,295

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Conservatives tap Altschuler for 1st CD

Suffolk Conservatives chose 81-2 Friday night in a weighted vote of their executive committee to nominate businessman Randy Altschuler — who on the GOP side is one of several competitors to run on the Republican line in November against veteran Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton).

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Six Primaries That Could Matter

A similar scenario is playing out in NY 01, where several wealthy businessmen are vying for the right to challenge Rep. Tim Bishop (D). The Conservative Party likes Randy Altschuler (R), but consultant Chris Cox (R) and attorney George Demos (R) have raised or loaned themselves money too, and establishment support is coalescing around Cox, the son of the state party chairman.

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Wake Up Call

Newt Gingrich is with Randy Altschuler in the GOP primary for incumbent Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop’s Long Island House seat.

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Gingrich picks sides in N.Y. House primary

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is backing businessman Randy Altschuler in his bid to become the nominee in the NY-1 race against Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop.

According to a release from Altschuler’s campaign, Gingrich is getting into the contested Republican primary – which also features Christopher Cox, son of the state’s GOP chairman – because [Randy Altschuler] “became a conservative the old-fashioned way.”

“He felt the bite of the taxman and the sting of government red tape and regulation,” Gingrich added. “Randy Altschuler is exactly the type of leader American needs in Congress today.”

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At the end of 2009, just one Democratic incumbent was out-raised by a Republican challenger.

Four-term Democratic incumbent Timothy Bishop (D-N.Y.), who won his 2008 contest by a 16-point margin. That year, Obama also carried his district. Four years earlier, however, Republican George W. Bush won the area by less than a single percentage point.

District: NY-O1; Challenger: Randy Altschuler; Total Raised in 2009: $1,049,149

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Conservative Party backs Altschuler

Randy Altschuler is the best candidate to defeat [Democrat Rep.] Tim Bishop and he has my endorsement to the Suffolk County Conservative Party Executive Committee in the First Congressional District,” Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Edward M. Walsh Jr. said in a statement. “His life experience, coupled with his business skill set, understanding of the issues and firm belief in conservative principles makes him uniquely qualified to be our standard bearer, and the man who will defeat Tim Bishop. Randy knows that cutting taxes and spending, and shrinking the deficit is the right thing for Suffolk County and the right thing for America.”

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RICHARD IVORY COMMENTARY: The Chutzpah: The Year Of The Jewish Republican?

Then there is Randy Altschuler, who is a young entrepreneur, running for a chance at New York’s first Congressional District. He is mounting an aggressive campaign against Democrat Tim Bishop. According to his website bio he received his B.A. with High Honors from Princeton University, and his MBA with Distinction from the Harvard Business School following study in Vienna, Austria as a Fulbright Scholar. His campaign has already raised close to one- million dollars. According to Hotline: Altschuler is a member of the Young Guns program.  He got in the race against Bishop early and is off to a fast fundraising start.

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