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$13 Trillion and Counting: Our National Debt Grows and Tim Bishop Remains Silent

Randy Altschuler’s Blog: Our national debt hovers at a staggering $13 trillion and over the weekend President Obama asked Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress to authorize another $50 billion in new spending. If we care about our nation’s fiscal well being, the reckless and dangerous spending must end. We need a budget that reflects the tough economic times in which we live and in turn, sets us on the road to recovery by reining-in spending, cutting taxes and shrinking the deficit.

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Washington should repeal Obamacare

Randy Altschuler: Instead of glitzy PR campaigns to sell Obamacare, Washington should repeal it and replace it with a law that doesn’t punish seniors, kill jobs, and expand the deficit.

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Stop the Games – Move Federal Budget Forward

From Randy Altschuler’s Blog: Tim Bishop needs to stop playing the cynical games of a career politician and fulfill his moral responsibility to his constituents and the American people. It’s understandable that Tim Bishop would like to distance himself from the 2011 federal budget because it’s filled with earmarks, pork and waste; it will lead to higher taxes and a bigger deficit and when the American people catch wind of it will lead to defeat at the polls for those who support it.

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