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Letter From Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Ed Walsh To Candidate Christopher Cox

Dear Christopher:

…Your wild claims that Randy Altschuler is buying this election ring hollow when one reads press reports that credit your uncle, Howard Cox, with donating $50,OOO to a local GOP town committee in the congressional district. A very generous gift, when you realize that Howard Cox lives in Massachusetts and merely summers in the Hamptons. But, it’s just one of many “donations” your family has given in their misguided attempt to purchase you a congressional seat.

And, while we are on the topic of wild claims you have made, let’s take a look at your meritless attempt to force an Opportunity to Ballot on the Conservative Party line. Simply put; you failed.

In the process, you attempted to smear the Suffolk County Conservative Party, its members and Executive Committee and even well respected Supreme Court Judge. The state Supreme Court ruled against you nevertheless; citing a string of technical deficiencies in your petitions, as well as fake signatures and paid petitioners who perpetrated fraud in your craven attempt to muddy the electoral waters.

Your lack of accomplishments and your habit of stretching the truth and refusing to be forthright are the reasons you did not receive the backing of the Suffolk County Conservative Party.

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