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The campaign of Randy Altschuler, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress (NY-1), today again called on Chris Cox to stop the “lies, disinformation and dirty tricks that have become the hallmark of his campaign”. The Altschuler campaign was referring to an August 27th news release from the Cox campaign where Chris Cox is caught red-handed lying to the media and the Republican voters of the 1st Congressional District.

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NY-1 and NY-4: With So Much Drama in the GOP…

I’m all in for Randy Altschuler (NY-1) and Frank Scaturro (NY-4), the two candidates the articles happen to favor. I’ve blogged aboot their races here and here. I’m also pro-primary…when there are differences to debate, and when the voters than get to make their choice.

We start in the NY-1, where the establishment’s interference may or may not have affected our Gubernatorial and Senate races as well. Kim Strassel from the Wall Street Journal goes into more detail, but a snippet…

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New Randy Altschuler Ad Clowns Chris Cox For Living In NYC

Republican congressional hopeful Randy Altschuler’s new ad mirrors the message in the mailer I blogged about yesterday: Rival Chris Cox, he says, is not truly of NY-1.

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Letter From Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Ed Walsh To Candidate Christopher Cox

Dear Christopher:

…Your wild claims that Randy Altschuler is buying this election ring hollow when one reads press reports that credit your uncle, Howard Cox, with donating $50,OOO to a local GOP town committee in the congressional district. A very generous gift, when you realize that Howard Cox lives in Massachusetts and merely summers in the Hamptons. But, it’s just one of many “donations” your family has given in their misguided attempt to purchase you a congressional seat.

And, while we are on the topic of wild claims you have made, let’s take a look at your meritless attempt to force an Opportunity to Ballot on the Conservative Party line. Simply put; you failed.

In the process, you attempted to smear the Suffolk County Conservative Party, its members and Executive Committee and even well respected Supreme Court Judge. The state Supreme Court ruled against you nevertheless; citing a string of technical deficiencies in your petitions, as well as fake signatures and paid petitioners who perpetrated fraud in your craven attempt to muddy the electoral waters.

Your lack of accomplishments and your habit of stretching the truth and refusing to be forthright are the reasons you did not receive the backing of the Suffolk County Conservative Party.

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Letter From Suffolk County Conservative Chairman Ed Walsh To Candidate Christopher Cox

Dear Christopher,

Randy Altschuler has created well over 700 jobs for hard working Americans. To the best of my knowledge your sole attempt at job creation has been the numerous hires and fires that have taken place on your campaign staff since January.

…Christopher, your campaign takes pleasure in labeling Randy Altschuler a “millionaire” as they insinuate that there is something wrong with that or that perhaps that he is attempting to buy this election. Well, truth be told; you are a millionaire too. What differentiates the two of you is that Randy Altschuler, through hard work and determination, earned every cent he has. You simply inherited it.

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Randy’s Response to Ground Zero Mosque

Randy Altschuler: Our country is the most religiously tolerant nation on Earth…But this isn’t a question of religious tolerance.

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The New York Republican establishment was handed a searing lesson in the perils of top-down machine politics last November.

Today, it’s the case of New York’s first congressional district, located in Long Island’s Suffolk County. Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop is in his fourth term in this battleground district, which George W. Bush won in 2004. He is under fire for party-line votes on everything from stimulus to health care. This is the sort of seat the GOP needs in order to gain a majority this fall.

The party looked set to do well. Businessman Randy Altschuler has been campaigning for more than a year on fiscal conservatism and pro-growth policies. The party banked him with strong fund raising and the endorsements of everyone from House GOP Whip Eric Cantor to local officials. He did face some competitors, including George Demos, a former SEC attorney, and Gary Berntsen, a former CIA official. New York has both Republican Party and Conservative Party ballot lines. In the usual course of things, Messrs. Altschuler, Demos and Berntsen would have engaged in a bottom-up competition for the committee votes and endorsements of the parties. One candidate would usually scoop both by spring, leaving him largely free to focus on Mr. Bishop.

Enter new state GOP party chairman Ed Cox—or rather, his son. Chris Cox, a lawyer, is a long-time resident of Manhattan. In January, however, he changed his voting address to his uncle’s house in the Hamptons and announced for NY 1. The airdrop of the party boss’s son caused an uproar.

Mr. Altschuler in May thumped Mr. Cox for the Conservative Party nomination, yet Mr. Cox keeps pursuing the Republican Party line. The Suffolk County GOP, under Ed Cox’s watchful eye, initially considered anointing his son. But grass-roots pushback has instead resulted in an open Sept. 14 primary for the Republican slot.

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Which candidate has campaign cash this season? A look at the most recent financial disclosure reports

While a primary is still a month away, financial disclosure reports filed at the end of June show Republican hopeful Randy Altschuler had the most cash on hand to wage a challenge. Mr. Altschuler had about $1.8 million cash in his coffers, with more than $1.5 million in debt.

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NY GOP Candidate Randy Altschuler: Ground Zero Mosque “Sends Wrong Signal to Terrorists”

NY GOP Candidate Randy Altschuler: Ground Zero Mosque “Sends Wrong Signal to Terrorists and Does Dishonor to the Fallen”

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Randy Altschuler Opposes Ground Zero Mosque.

Randy Altschuler Conservative Candidate for NY01 Opposes Ground Zero Mosque.  Please sign the petition.

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