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Randy Altschuler Calls for A New Way of Doing Business in Washington

Entrepreneur Randy Altschuler, Republican candidate for US Congress in New York’s First Congressional District, made the following statement today in reference to the Department of Labor’s release of September’s 26-year-high unemployment rate of 9.8 percent:

“What’s becoming increasingly clear is that Nancy Pelosi and Tim Bishop’s policy prescription of massive government spending and trillion dollar deficits is not working. While we continue to shed jobs, we are reminded that bloated deficits brought about by wasteful economic spending and industry bailouts are the wrong prescription for what ails our sluggish economy,” Altschuler stated.

“The people of New York’s First Congressional District understand that to have a sustained economic recovery our nation’s lawmakers must restore fiscal discipline to our budget process and provide substantive tax relief for working families and small businesses.

“If given the honor to serve the citizens of the First District in Washington, I will work to create an environment that fosters economic growth and job creation. It’s time we find a new way of doing business in Washington,” Altschuler concluded.

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